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Questions relating to Remade in Britain


Q. What do you do to promote products?

A. We do social media shoutouts and posts promoting retailers and products and have a promotional hour called #remadehour every Wednesday night 8-9pm GMT where we encourage upcycling, vintage, salvage and eco-friendly chat and promotion. We also do blogs and vlogs, source press and media opportunities, involve our retailers in PR and marketing and also showcase items, take orders and sell on behalf of retailers at big events, such as Grand Designs Live and Country Living Fair.

Q. When did you launch the site? 

A. November 2014

Q. Where are you based?

A. Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK.



Queries about Listing and Selling


Q. What items can be sold on Remade in Britain?

A. Any products that are either upcycled, ecofriendly, recycled, salvaged, vintage, retro or antique can be sold as long as they have been made or finished within Great Britain. Also, the following can be listed for sale:

- any item which promotes or instructs someone how to do DIY, repairs or upcycling such as books, e-books, magazines, etc. 
- any event, workshop or demonstration tickets for ecofriendly, upcycling, salvage, antique, recycling, retrospective or vintage events
- any product or material which aids upcycling e.g. chalk paint, decoupaged door knobs, mouldings, wallpaper, plywood letters, etc.
- any DIY upcycling or ecofriendly craft kits, tools or tool kits
- any salvage, surplus or reclaimed item for example, architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials to unwanted clothes, fabric and magazines


Q. Can I sell elsewhere? 

A. Of course. Remade is not exclusive.

Q. How does it work if my one-off item is online elsewhere?

A. You can list it on all sites. If the item sells, we can cancel orders very quickly or you could make another similar item. Alternatively you can list your item as 'made to order', 'one-off' or say within the listing that it is advertised elsewhere (without naming or linking other places) and they should message or buy to avoid disappointment.

Q. How many items can I list?

A. You can list an unlimited amount and all listings are 'until sold' which means that they stay listed until they sell or you delete the listing. If you are short on time, we offer a store set up service with 5 products listings for free. Contact for more information.


Q. Can I put several options on one listing?

A. Yes. An unlimited amount of delivery options, custom options (e.g. size and colour) and personalisation boxes (e.g. for names, letters of the alphabet, family members) can be put on a single listing but the stock levels are not individual for each option.

Q. How can I increase my sales?

A. By doing our listing checker, promoting on social media, offering to do a guest blog for us and by taking part in our press and media coverage. you can also join us at events.


Q. Is there a holiday mode?

A. Yes. You can find it from your seller dashboard. It will leave a message on your store and hide all your products. For shorter breaks, you have the alternative option to set all of your products to out of stock so that your products can still be viewed and you can still receive queries but no orders can be placed.


Q. Can I track page views for my store and products?

A. Currently, this feature is not available. However, it is being developed and we hope to launch it in due time.



Remade in Britain Shop Costs and Payment Queries


Q. What are the costs? 

A. To have a shop or a number of shops, is free. It is also free to list an unlimited amount of 'until sold' listings. The only cost is 12% commission (which is 10% commission + Remade VAT of 2%) plus PayPal / WorldPay processing fees of 3% (which includes VAT of 0.5%) upon the sale of any of your items.

If you are a materials or salvage retailer, for example a stockist of chalk paint or reclaimed building materials, the commission is between 5-10% depending on what you are selling. Please get in touch for more information.

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation, then your commission is reduced to 8% (+ Remade VAT) upon seeing documentation which states a registered charity or non-profit number. If you are a salvage retailer, you may also qualify 


Q. How does payment work?

A: We abide by the '14 Day Cancellation Policy' for Distance Selling. Therefore we take the initial payment from the customer upon order on your behalf and transfer it to you minus any seller and payment fees by the Friday after 21 days after the order was initially placed as long as the customer has not returned or cancelled the order. Please watch our video for further information. The length of time can fluctuate depending on when the item is successfully shipped and whether it is made to order and thus there is a lead time.

Please note that we are in discussions regarding immediate payment and this system may come in to place. If you have any queries about this, please get in touch to



Q. Do I need to pay VAT on items sold on your site?

A: If you are VAT registered then yes. If you are not VAT registered, then no. In simple terms, we do not sell the items on your behalf like other sites, we only act as a payment gateway. This means that whether or not you pay VAT is based on whether or not you are a VAT registered company.

The only VAT that applies is the VAT that we at Remade in Britain pay and the VAT that PayPal / WorldPay pay. The Remade in Britain VAT is charged to you at 2% and the PayPal / WorldPay VAT is charged to you at 0.5%. When you include the VAT within your commission and payment processing charges, they come to 12% and 3% respectively. Meaning that 15% is charged on every sale you make (unless you are a salvage or charity / non-profit retailer as your commission from Remade is lower).

Q. What are the costs of getting involved in an event with Remade?

A. Usually there is no cost to join us at the event, but this depends on the cost of our large stall space. There is no cost to do demonstrations or workshops. Expenses are not usually reimbursed but can from some event organisers. To send products for us to sell or display at event costs the initial postage costs plus an extra 10% commission on items sold not via the website. To send items for us to take orders costs the normal website prices. All card and Paypal sales at an event will have the usual 3% payment processing fees applied unless cash is used, in which case, no payment processing fees will be applied.