Vinyl records, although collectable in some cases, are often found in charity shops, at car boots and at jumble sales for anything from 10p to £3.00, and with charity shops often unable to sell those without sleeves, the amount that go to landfill increases all the time. So, what to do with your old records? Well, you upcycle them of course!


Vinyl records can easily be transformed in to bowls, cake stands and clocks. Popular methods such as baking and now lazercutting have often given new life to that old forgotten track no one remembers in the form of new stylish homeware or gift. What's more is that vinyls remain popular to look at because they represent good quality sound output for those hardcore music lovers and for everyone else, are just add an attractive retro look for a fraction of the cost.


Fellow upcycling fan, The Upcycle Project, specialise in upcycling vinyls and have decided to share some upcycling inspiration and DIY tutorials to get more people into reusing records. Read on for some great ideas on how to upcycle your old vinyl records or skip to the project you're looking for:

  • DIY Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand
  • Upcycled Vinyl Record and Magazine Stool Tutorial
  • Vinyl Record Christmas Wreath Upcycle Project
  • How to Make Record Wall Art
  • Create a LED Vinyl Record Lamp
  • Do It Yourself Vinyl Record Wall Mounted Hat Hooks
  • Guide to Making a Record and CD Candle Holder
  • Create Your Own Vinyl Record Bowl
  • Make a Vinyl Record Centrepiece
  • Upcycling Records into Useful Stationery Storage


 DIY Vinyl Cupcake Stand


Ever wondered how to create your own record 3 tier cake stand. Well follow these simple instructions in our Upcycle Vinyl Record Cake Stand Tutorial

Photo source: The Upcycle Project


Ever thought of an upcycled cupcake stand? The best ways to present cupcakes are on a stand, and what if we mixed it with the look of a bold black? The colourful cupcakes would stand out beautifully on a black cupcake stand made from real vinyl records. This one is going to be made from empty tape rolls and vinyl records.


  • Vinyl records- small, medium and large size (or use the sizes you have)
  • Empty tape rolls
  • Hot glue gun 


Step by step instructions:

DIY Step by Step Guide to making a Record Cake stand

Photo source: The Upcycle Project

First layer:

1)      Take the empty tape and apply hot glue on it (the entire circumference)


2)      Stick the centre of the Vinyl (label) on the hot glued tape, hold them both together for about 30 seconds.   


Additional layer:

3)      You can make the next layer by first sticking one empty tapes on the CD of which we just made our base. Now apply hot glue on the tape that we just stuck, and attach another roll to it. This will give us 2 tape rolls stuck on the label that will be our second layer.


4)      Hot glue the top section of the two tapes and stick a medium vinyl on top.


5)      Another additional layer with the smallest record


6)      And your cupcake stand is ready


Creating a Vinyl Record and Magazine Stool


Why not make an extra stool for entertaining that also looks great. Learn how to make an upcycled stool from old records.

 Photo source:


A small stool always comes handy and looks good as a side table. An upcycled side table would just be a show stopper in front of your guests. Try this project with a vinyl record and magazine rolls.



  • Vinyl record
  • Magazine
  • Hot glue gun  


Step by step instructions:

Here are the step by step instructions, courtesy of Avilia Away: Upcycling Magazine Side Table


 Upcycled Vinyl Christmas Wreath


Vinyl records make great Christmas Wreath Bases. Rather than buying a wreath base, why not create your own and then decorative with Christmas trimmings such as leaves, featheers, ribbon, pompoms and baubles.

 Photo source: The Upcycle Project


Can you feel Christmas coming? Want to try something different for decorations this Christmas? Let’s make an upcycled wreath from an old vinyl by supporting it with green and red - Christmas colors! Old records are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional wreath bases.


  • Vinyl record (any size)
  • Feathery lace
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative fake green leaves
  • Glittery leaf


Step by step instructions: 

A do it yourself guide to creating an upcycled vinyl record display

Photo source: The Upcycle Project

1)      Start by applying hot glue gun on the circumference on the vinyl record, start sticking the feathery lace and complete the entire circle. Be careful with the glue gun.


2)      Now take a mix of leaves, small flower and buds, and stick them on the inner side of the feathery lace (make sure you start the first bunch where the two ends of the feathery lace meet). Stick them across so that a little falls on the feathery lace.


3)      Now take the glittering long leaf and stick it in a semi-circle on the white feathery lace.


4)      For the centre, we have stuck a ready glittery flower to make it look simple.


5)      A change in the wreath this Christmas


Tip: You can use any sort of decoration, you can even leave the centre plain to show the vinyl label, or you can use some red decoration.


Make Your Own Record Wall Art



Creating wall art out of old unusued records is so easy and can make a fantastic feature wall like this Banksy inspired wall art example. Read how to make your own easy repurposed vinyl wall art.

 Photo source:



Best way to brighten up a simple wall is to make wall art from old vinyl records (small or big). Use the vinyl records as a centre piece and do some wall art around the CD’s.





  • Vinyl CD’s (minimum 5 if big CD’s, 7 if small CD’s)
  • Paint
  • Amazing ideas




Further Inspiration: 


You can also have a go at upcycling broken records into a mosaic or wall art like street artist, Mr. Brainwash.



Upcycled art: Broken record mosaic Bob Marley portrait by street artist mr brainwash.


Photo source:



DIY Vinyl Record Lamp


It's so easy to upcycle records into a funky lamp. A vinyl record lamp is a great homeware for music lovers.

 Photo source: The Upcycle Project


Lights just brighten up every corner. Have your house light up with an easy vintage look. An amazing combination of small vinyls and lights that can be placed anywhere with this vinyl lamp made from small record CD’s.


  • 37-40 small record CD’s (depends on how high do you want it)
  • Lights
  • Hot glue gun


Step by step instructions: 

How to make a diy record lamp using 30 vinyl records and a string of led lights.

1)      Stack the small CD’s together to form a tower. You could glue them or not.  


2)      Now take the lights and insert about 2 inches of the end of the lights in the hole of the CD’s,   


3)      Now take the lights and rotate them around the stack in a circular form.


4)      Plug in the lights. Ta’da Don’t they look beautiful?


DIY Wall Mounted Vinyl Hat Hooks:

Using vintage vinyl records to create useful wall hooks is a great idea. It's thrifty and looks very attractive. Great for hanging coats, scarves and hats.

Photo Source:

With Christmas coming there would also be guests coming. A two in one project with vinyl that can be used as wall art and also a hat holder.


  • Mixed size CD’s
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hooks


Step by step instructions:

The full project is available from


Upcycled Record & CD Tea Light Candle Stand


Upcycling records into decorative plates or tea light holders is an easy and fun upcycle project to do with kidsThe CDs create a great glow and together it makes for a wonderful centrepiece.


Light always brings positivity in life. This CD tea light candle stand made from real vinyl record CD and waste old CD-roms’, can be placed in any corner of the house.


  • Vinyl record
  • 15 waste CD’s
  • Tea lights


Step by step instructions: 

How to create a vinyl record and cd tealight centrepiece

1)      Take the 15 CD’s (stick the printed side of one CD on the shiney part of another CD, stick 2 CD’s together, taken another set of 3, another set of 4, another set of 5, now you would have 1 left.


2)      Start with sticking the single CD, and then the set of 2 next to the single one, set of 3 next to the set of 2, set of 4 next to the set of 3, set of five would be in between the single and set of 4. ( printed part sticking the vinyl and shiney part on top)


3)      Now place the tea lights on top of each of these CD’s.


4)      A perfect light decorative to place anywhere.




Create Your Own Vinyl Record Bowl

LPs make are great for thrifty upcycling projects. Better than recycling, you can simply turn unused records into stylish bowls. Great for snacks, these repurposed vinyl bowls, are great for entertaining and getting the party started.

Photo Credit: Fancy Tat

Melted vinyl record bowls always look fantastic as a centre piece in a table and make funky snack bowls when entertaining or just plain snacking! So easy to do and with records being so cheap and easy to come by, there's plenty of reasons to give this a go! Alternatively at only £7.50, you can choose to purchase an upcycled LP bowl.



  • 1 vinyl record
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 oven

Step by step instructions: 

1)      Preheat your oven to approxiamtely 185 degrees celesius for around 10 minutes. Preheat oven to around 185 degrees for ten minutes (set the timer!). Place large metal bowl on cookie sheet open side down. Place cookie sheet with bowl on it in the oven for about four minutes to warm it up and get it ready for your record.

2)      Place a medium to large sized metal mixing bowl face down on a regular metal baking tray. Put this in the oven for about 4 minutes to warm it up a little.

3)      Put your record down nicely centered and balanced on the warm metal bowl. Make sure the side you want on the inside of your bowl is facing down.

4)      Heat up your vinyl record in the oven until you can see that it is starting to droop over your metal bowl. Take it out and see if it is flexible enough for you to shape. If it's not, just put it back in the oven for a little longer.

5)      Once your record is warm enough to shape and you are happy with the way you have shaped it, just let it cool. It's as simple as that!


Uses for Records: Vinyl Record Centre Piece


Upcycled Vinyl Record - Thrify Decorative Plate Idea

 Photo source: The Upcycle Project


We often have a lot of decorative producs and show pieces, but sometimes they lack the right spot. So we tried this simple stand made from a vinyl record and tape rolls used for support.


  • Vinyl record
  • Tape rolls
  • Hot glue gun.


Step by step instructions: 

Create your own vinl record decorative plate for use as a centrepiece in your table decoration.

Photo source: The Upcycle Project

1)      Stick two tape rolls together with the hot glue gun.


2)      Apply glue over the set of these tape rolls, so that we start sticking the feathery  lace by rotating it.


3)      Apply glue on top of a tape roll and stick the vinyl on it.


4)      Place any piece of decoration on it. 


Tip: make sure not to place a heavy piece or else it won’t hold the weight.

 Upcycle Idea: Vinyl Record Stationery Storage

A DIY tutorial on how to make vinyl record stationery storage.

Photo source: The Upcycle Project

We are always looking for a way to organise things around us in a systematic manner. We have organised and kept our stationery using the vinyl as the base and the empty tapes for our storage purpose.


  • 1 vinyl record
  • 4-5 empty tape roll
  • Hot glue gun


Step by step instructions: 

1)      You can also decorate the empty tape rolls with washi tape, sharpies, ribbon, beads, etc.  to make them look more prettier.


2)      Take the single roll, apply hot glue on it and stick it in the centre of the CD/ on the label.


3)      Now take one decorated tape roll, apply hot glue on it and stick it on one of the side next to the centre roll. Apply hot glue on top of the stuck roll and stick another roll on it.  (Should be in a linear formation.)


4)      Repeat the same for the other two rolls.


5)      You can now use this for storing your stationery. Wouldn’t this just look very good on your desk?


Tips: You can fill the entire CD with storage or could place anything on the empty part of the CD.



The Upcycle Project is a handmade, upcycled product retailer based in India who sell on Nigel's Eco Marketplace. You can find out more from them by visiting their twitter page or instagram page.