Wednesday evening is the the biggest, most important day of the week for upcycle and vintage folk across the nation! If you don’t already know we host #RemadeHour every Weds evening at 8pm. It’s a twitter hour where we meet seriously talented upcyclers, you never fail to amaze us with your inventive and innovative tweets. To celebrate this we have dedicated a blog post especially for you!

#remadehour is not just about showcasing your hard upcycled work for the twitter world to see, but it’s a great opportunity to network, rub shoulders and meet the Britain’s best upcyclers! You don’t have to be Remade Retailer to participate the twitter hour, we want to help promote sustainable businesses and talented upcyclers alike. It’s important to us that your voices are heard loud and clear. We are after all an upcycling community offering a platform to upcyclers up and down the UK.

In today's blog we are running through just a few of the tweets we have recived from fantastic upcyclers, here are just a few...

Remade retailer Off The Wall@TrashWorksElza and @sarahugheshome are regulars at our twitter hour #remadehour every week the upcycle trio tweet us truely remarkable projects they have worked on throughout the week. Another talented retailer Upcycled Lighting Co love to keep the community up to date with great, retro and quirk lights, made from recycled objects! Louise from @3BlueStarsuk tweets fascinating upcycled gifts made by talented artists. 







Not only do we love to see the finished result, but Remade love to see upcycling in the making, look at Junk Gypsies, Amanda Kinghorn Photography and @VintiqueChairs phenominal repurposing skills!  William Hardie popped in to showcase some recent upcycles! 

Remade Hour is growing to be quite an event on the upcycling calendar, we love to hear from every single tweeter and we are nothing short of astonished, bowled over and wowed at the quality of repurposed ! With more and more #remadehour participants each week, it’s our busiest yet but most exciting day of the week, it quite often takes us until Thursday afternoon to get through the amount of tweets sent! This is an amazing result and certainly shows that there is a splendid and dedicated community, full of talent, passion and creativity, it’s such an inspirational twitter hour to be involved in, a definate perk of my job!

We received a lovely tweet from @TrashWorksElza who has been able to connect with like minded beachcombers who have inspired her to keep creating. Great news!


In a recent #remadehour @bulldog_vintage got in touch with us and stole the show, with fantastic upcycled lights! From upcycled trombones to jelly moulds and even bomb shells! We salute Bulldog Vintage for remarkable, innventive upcycling with a wild imagination!




The beauty of #remadehour means that we can keep updated with amazing upcyclers, with limitless imaginations! We love to see projects from repurposed, vintage furniture to small embroideries, fashion and home accessories. Every week we receive a variety of upcycles, giving us unique surpises! Donna Ball from @littlegreensho0p is a regular and we always adore her sustainable, green and eco friendly wares!





 @DracottHope is another dedicated tweeter with beauitiful, vintage and shabby chic style upcycles, we had to show you the beautiful coat hook, salvaged from fence hooks!

 We would love you to join in the fun at #RemadeHour every Wednesday evening, we are such a friendly crew that welcome newcomers with open arms. Here at Remade in Britain we promote every tweeter and upcycler, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get together, collate ideas and ask for upcycling advice, connect with fellow upyclers and most importantly have some fun!

We’ll meet you there this evening at 8pm for an upcycled, sustainable and eco-friendly extravaganza!