Lined Upcycled Make Up Bag
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Upcycled lined inner tube make up bag

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This boxy make up bag was shortlisted in The Guardians upcycling competition, now you can have your very own. It is made from recycled road inner tubes with contrasting stitching in pinks and whites. The case is lined with recycled cotton in this case bright pink to match the stitching.

It is very spacious, measuring approximately 5.5 x 5 inches and 4" high. They're made from washed recycled inner tubes, so depending on the tubes used each one will differ slightly. Some may have writing on as the one shown in the picture, if you would prefer without please let me know.
Inner tubes make an excellent alternative to leather, they develop a lovely sheen with use and are extremely hard wearing, durable and can be wiped clean. When the pouch is not in use in can just be squashed flat.

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