Seller How To Guide


Remade in Britain has been created as a dedicated site for green British sellers and makers. Anything upcycled, recycled, salvage or any reused vintage. If your products promote upcycling, reusing or buying second hand and help to increase sustainability and reduce waste, we’d love to hear from you!

Below is the 'How to Guide'. You may also be interested in reading the Seller Guidelines and our How to List Your Products Blog


What can you buy or sell?
Remade in Britain sells British products which help reduce landfill, including:
- Upcycled products i.e. items that have been improved by hand or which have started their life as something else entirely
- Recycled or reused items
- Vintage, retro, antiques and second-hand goods
- Ethical or sustainable fashion, accessories and products
- Green and eco-friendly items
- Salvaged items and materials
- Supplies for upcycling e.g. chalk paint
- Courses, workshops, vouchers, commission bookings, how to guides, event tickets, tool and workshop hire and any other service directly related to upcycling and the other categories listed above


What should I be aware of?
- Items need to be British made and/or sellers need to British
- Linking to an alternate buying platform or advertising to sell products outside of the site is unfortunately not allowed


Why Should I Register?
Customers can browse a wide range of items from all sorts of sellers – it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of upcycled and second-hand wonder! Whether buying from one seller or many, the shopping bag holds all items and payment is processed securely in a single transaction. After that, any queries about postage etc. can be made direct with the seller.


Whether you are a retailer or a buyer, registration is quick and easy. You can buy products from our site as a guest user (i.e. without registering) but registered users get the following benefits:
- A chance to join the Remade online community as a buyer
- Get special offers, news, discounts and promotions
- Have access to free downloads, demos and tutorials
- Ability to track your orders, contact retailers direct and book commissions, workshops, event tickets and other service products
- Favourite retailers, pin items, create moodboards and wishlists, send and share items, etc.
- Option to subscribe to the newsletter
- Request to advertise within the Remade directory (fees may apply)


In addition, should you sign up to be a Remade retailer, you will also be able to:
- Join the Remade online community as a retailer and be part of Remade directory (fees may apply depending on the retailer package)
- Get exclusive offers, news and advice
- Manage orders, products, shipping and your personal storefront with your own domain
- Offer both real (‘simple’) handmade products as well as downloadable products such as ‘how to guides’, event tickets, gift vouchers
- Offer services such as commission work, workshop and/or tool hire, courses and more with our online calendar and booking system
- Control your selling package and change it when it suits you without any admin costs
- Get social media, blog and online magazine publicity and enjoy higher amounts of traffic
- Advertise upcoming events you are hosting or attending
- Use our quick checkout system to take payment at events or in your workshop / store when connected to the internet
- Have direct contact from customers
- Download free customisable marketing material for events and/or your shop
- Dedicated seller support
- Link your store to certain social media accounts
- Opportunity to be part of advertising campaigns and seasonal offers or to generate your own with easy to use customer voucher codes
- Enjoy our monthly newsletter and freebie projects
- Enter competitions for temporary perks such as ‘Remade retailer of the week’
- Get access to all registered customer perks including the opportunity to buy products and supplies so that you can easily track your incomings and outgoings


Retailer Packages Offered
Retailers can easily list their products via the marketplace interface and manage all aspects of selling and shipping, safe in the knowledge that payments are processed securely. For the first 6 months from launch the commission is set at 10% plus 3% transaction costs. After that there will be a variety of selling packages and promotions which will be advertised shortly.


Creating an Account

Once you have created your account you should receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive any email confirmation within 3 working days, please contact customer service at If your products are right for Remade, you will usually be approved within 48 hours. During the approval period, you may be asked for more information about you or your products and this is completely normal. Please note that items which are not greener or are not made in Britain nor supplied by British brands will be put on hold for potential future projects.


Once your store has been approved you can then login, create your store and add your products. To login, hover over the ‘Login/Register’ link located in the top right corner and enter your registered login email and password before pressing the ‘Login’ button.


Your Seller Dashboard
Is the homepage for running your shop behind the scenes and features stats to help you know how you are doing. The easy to use Transaction History and Orders links let you know where you are, past and present. Easy to use, they help you keep a track of orders you’ve completed and orders to complete as well as of payments received by Remade.


Creating Your Store
Once logged in, you can now think about adding content to your store. To do this, go to the link ‘My Store Details’ located on the left. Here, you can use our simple form to write about who you are, what you do and can upload a picture or logo.
Name: The name of your store will be displayed across the site.
Contact Number: This is for our records and will not be displayed across the site.
Shop Description: This is where you can sell yourself and your products and really show them your passion! Remember you're not allowed to include personal information or contact details. Commissions, adverts and more are done in other ways.
Logo: Add a logo or a photograph of one of your best products.
Meta Keyword: This is where you write keywords about yourself and your shop e.g. upcycle; furniture; shabby chic
Meta Description: Write a short paragraph about your shop remembering to include some keywords e.g. Shelly’s Upcycled Goods specialises in upcycling vintage furniture with Annie Sloan chalk paint.
Payment: Select how you would like to be paid (PayPal or Bank Transfer) and enter your payment details. These and other details are not shared.
Profile on Listings: Tick or untick the box to select if you would like your profile link within your product pages (recommended).


Then, click the save button at the bottom of the form to your changes. For listing discounts, promotions, and news choose to subscribe to our newsletter at the very bottom of the page. Remember, including personal or external company contact details or links are not permitted, not including portfolio only links and some social media.


Adding a Product
To add a product, first select the ‘Manage Products’ link to the left. Then click the Add New Item button located to the right. Another form will appear which will ask you for details including some of the following:


Type of product:
Live: For regular products e.g. items such as furniture, accessories, clothing and more<
Virtual: Products that are stored online only e.g. subscriptions
Downloadable: Items that are virtual but can be downloaded by the buyer e.g. event tickets, vouchers and commission bookings


Tick the boxes to be within a category. Click the ‘+’ sign to be more specific with the categories for your listing


Product Name: The name of your item
Description: The full description of your item. Make sure to include how it was upcycled, or the vintage era or anything that will help your item to sell on Remade
Short Description: Include the essentials as this will pop up where the full description can’t be displayed
Weight: Put in an estimated weight so that a buyer can estimate the cost of delivery (should they want to use an alternate courier / delivery service or wish to collect in person)


This is a product number to identify your product. Products should always start with the store code we’ve given you. E.g. Shelly’s Upcycled Goods might be SUG followed by any identifier the store prefer’s e.g. FURN001 thus making SUGFURN001


Price: The normal or original price
Special Price: The discounted or offer price. You can fill in the box to make a permanent discount (until you remove the price) or you can set timeframes (to and from dates) for your discount in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ boxes e.g. your own January sale would be:
Price: £12.00
Special Price: £9.00
From: 1st January 2015
To: 31st January 2015


Delivery (Shipping)
Default Country: Is where the item is shipped from e.g. United Kingdom
Select Shipping: Select shipping cost (if charging for P&P) or Free. If you are not offering delivery and are only allowing collection in person or collect in store, select the ‘free’ option and write collection only clearly in your description and short description.
If you are offering delivery, there are two prices (and two price boxes) available:
National Shipping: For UK delivery only. Please note this includes Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland, etc. unless otherwise stated in your description and short description.
Thus if you are using certain couriers you may wish to check and allow for extra costs e.g. to enter London or to post to certain areas
International Shipping: For delivery to the Rest of the World. Please note you should make the latter price cover all possible countries i.e. Australia will be more expensive than France so create a price to cover the most expensive or choose cover part of the costs in your item price.


Adding Images
Beautiful images are key to selling your products. You can add multiple images to your listings. We recommend:
- Your main image is either a white background product image
- You also include a lifestyle image
- You include zoomed photographs or photos from different angles or with different backdrops (e.g. a plain black background)
- Your images to be approximately 300 x 300 pixels. For each listing you can have several photos up to a total of 20MB for each listing.
- Your images to be as square as possible
- You use standard image formats such as jpegs or png files
- You add a description to your images relevant to the product e.g. dresser.jpg
Mannequins are permitted as are models with the models permission and child models with consent of the child and/or parents/guardians.
Before and after photos are permitted as long as it is clear which is the before picture and which is the after picture.


Meta Information
This is for keywording which is giving your item words or small descriptive phrases so that people can find it better on the web e.g. a shabby chic upcycled dresser might include words like: upcycled; shabby chic; dresser; furniture; vintage; French style; annie sloan; hand painted; chalk paint;


Quantity: You can use this section to add the quantity of the item you have available. If it is unique, this will always be 1. If you are listing a commission (i.e. the option to buy something similar in certain styles) include an amount of 1 or higher but not too high that you might get too many orders at once. Make it manageable for your business.
In Stock: This section can be used for you to state if your product is available or not without deleting the product. ‘In stock’ means that people are allowed to buy it whilst ‘out of stock’ means it is not available to buy at the moment. This is very useful if you are selling your stock elsewhere e.g. on another site or at fairs. It is also useful if you are unable to take any more commissions at a particular time.


Compare Prices
Add existing products of yours (or other sellers if you wish) that are similar to the product you are listing. This could be similar style, material, colour, price range or product. Separate with a comma e.g. upcycled biscuit tin necklace could be compared to upcycled tea tin bracelet, upcycled scrap metal necklace, etc.


Custom Bespoke Options (Commissions and Personalising)
This is to add options such as size, style or colour and is perfect to be used for commissions or for products where stock is not an issue. This allows you to upload different options with the same image and offer a set of personalisation or bespoke options so you can advertise similar items that are Made to Order. Examples might include:
- Colour, size, style, materials or design options (e.g. owl, fox, bird, monkey)
- Different words, letters, numbers, names, initials, messages (or phrases) or other personalisation / bespoke touches
- Different embellishments, packaging or gift options


Please note: This is not ideal for items where stock is an issue as separate stock quantities for the different options cannot be set, only one general stock quantity i.e. if you had 6 items, you cannot set it to know that you have 1 red, 3 blue and 2 yellow. If stock is unique or not constant and/or it is not a personal touch being added, creating new products for each colour, size, style, etc. is a much better way of running your store and controlling your stock.


This is started by clicking the Custom Options button. Two lines of boxes will appear. The top line is responsible for the name and type of the option for example:
Title: Name of option e.g. ‘Colour’, ‘Size’, ‘Style’, etc.
Input Type: Needs to be set to ‘Select Drop Down’ (to give you a drop down menu on your listing)
Is Required: Needs to stay set to ‘Yes’
The next line is your first row of your drop down.
Title: The Description for the option available e.g. ‘Yellow’, ‘Small’, ‘Owl Design’, etc.
Price: Prices can be done in two ways, either by entering the final price (which may or may not be the same price throughout all the options) or by entering a percentage increase. The Price box is for the number and the Price Type option selects whether the number entered is a ‘fixed’ price or is the ‘percentage’ you would like to increase that option by.
Price Type: Select ‘fixed’ price for the final price or ‘percentage’ for a percentage increase to your original price Example:
Original Price: £4.00 (filled in earlier in the form)
Special Price: None selected

Price Type              
Will Display as (on listing)
5.00 Fixed £5.00
25.00 Percentage £5.00*

*Percentage is £4.00 + £1.00 (25% of original price of £4.00) = £5.00


A code to help you identify the different options e.g. if your item was SUGFURN001 from before it could now be SUGFURN001YELL for ‘Yellow’, SUGFURN001SML for ‘Small’ or SUGFURN001OWL for ‘Owl Design’


To add multiple options click the ‘Add New Row’ button or to delete rows click ‘Delete Row’ on the appropriate row.


To add multiple options e.g. to add colour and then to add size options as well finish one table and then click the ‘Add New Option’ button again and repeat the process with a second form.


To remove all options (e.g. all colour options) at a later date, you can switch the ‘Is Required’ box to ‘No’. To remove one option (e.g. yellow) use the delete row function.


Managing Products
Once the product is live it can be edited and viewed at any time. To edit a product, click on the pencil icon in the table and to delete a product, click on the bin icon. You can change stock levels at any time.


Customer Interaction
Customers can contact you via the ‘Contact a Seller’ tab on your products. You will be notified by email of any customer contact and we recommend that you respond to the email within 72 hours. Messages are done via Remade in Britain and so email addresses are not visible. Should you need to contact a customer, you can contact customers through the ‘contact Admin’ link on your seller dashboard and we will forward the message to them.


Completing a Transaction
When an order is placed it will be displayed on your dashboard and in the ‘My Orders’ section of your account. You will also be notified by email. You need to make sure that you ship the item so that it is on time or early and meets all of your policies. If you can ship it with tracking, that is much preferred.


If you are offering collect in store, then the customer and yourself will need to contact each other via the admin of the Remade in Britain site for the protection of both parties. We recommend that you set guidelines on each listing stating available collection times and the nearest town (or first half of your postcode) as well as a timeframe in which you would like the item collected by (example below). Please note it is against our policies and data protection guidelines to include an address or any contact details (e.g. phone number or email address) and/or to pay for the item outside of the Remade site. If you have a shop or are going to have a stall you may wish to mention the alternate collection option.


Location of item: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Available Collection times: Weekdays between 6pm and 9pm, most weekends anytime
Please collect within: 28 days of sale
Please note Cash on collection or payment outside of this site is not allowed.


Getting Paid
Please be sure to mark your item as sent. The customer has 14 days to return the item from receiving it. If a return request has not been sent to you within this time, you will receive the money for your transaction either by BACS or PayPal as selected by yourself on the Friday following the 21 days after the Buyer pays for their product.


Vacation Mode
This lets you set a ‘holiday mode’ for if you are going to be away for a while. You can choose to hide your store and/or hide your products and can write a special message which will be displayed or sent to existing customers.


About our Directory
Our directory is coming soon and will be a place to advertise for anything within the upcycle, eco-friendly, savage and vintage / antique industries. Examples include advertising shops and products, job adverts, volunteering opportunities, giveaways, events, courses and workshops, selling / giving / swapping salvage or items requiring upcycling or recycling and more. They can be posted by anyone within Britain.


How to Advertise
Once this feature is ready, it will be a case of purchasing an advert on our site for the visibility and the timeframe you would like it for. Then once payment has been confirmed, you will need to send the proposed advertisement(s) to Please check our Terms and Conditions on adverts before purchasing one. Should your advert not comply, don’t worry, we will offer the choice of selecting a suitable alternative or accepting a full refund.


Basic Need to Know
Please note stores must comply with our Terms and Conditions, be in accordance with British law and must not promote buying outside of the site e.g. using external ecommerce links or contact details. For products requiring booking, the information will be pulled through once the item has been purchased. If you are looking to advertise, you may wish to consider listing in our directory. Directory listings without external contact details or competitive ecommerce links e.g. for events and services, can be linked directly to your storefront page by admin.


Once your products are live they will remain active until sold. However, please be aware that any changes that make the product not comply in any way, may result in the product returning to pending status or if a repeated issue, may result in account suspension or closure.


My Account (Buyer)
All sellers get access to a buyer account all of which is under the ‘My Account’ section of your Seller Dashboard. Click to go to How to Guide for Buyers.


Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to help with all problems great and small. Contact them by any of the following options:
Seller Dashboard: Click the Contact Admin link, fill out the quick form and click ‘Submit’
Phone: 0330 880 8282