Cake Stop Caddy - upcycled inner tube minimalist wallet
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Retailer: Velo-Culture
Minimalist card wallet and coin pouch made from upcycled inner tubes

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We all know part of the fun of cycling is having a midway break at a cafe for a cuppa and a bit of cake, but where do you put your money or card while you're riding, then your coins after you've had that piece of cake?
The Cake Stop Caddy solves that problem, it has a slot for your bank card or notes, then on the other side a Velcro pouch to pop your change into. There's also room for a door key.
As they're so small they're also great to stick in your pocket on a night out rather than a bulky wallet or purse!
They're made from washed recycled inner tubes, so depending on the tubes used each one will differ slightly. If you're lucky you may get one that's patched ;)

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Cake Stop Caddy - upcycled inner tube minimalist wallet

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