Donna UIpcycled Skip Remade Launch

Our aim at Remade in Britain is to showcase the best of British upcycling and eco-friendly craft. Our desire is to bring talented designers and dedicated vintage retailers directly in touch with customers looking for ethical, sustainable and waste-reducing products. As a site dedicated to products that reduce landfill and promote sustainability, we offer a fabulous selection of unique, greener, more ethical solutions for all. If you love to buy, sell or collect upcycled and reloved items, you are in the right place!

To achieve our aim, we have created an exciting retail site which offers a multitude of upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly products and wonderful vintage, antique and retro items rich in history. You’ll also find courses, workshops and events to get everyone involved in the upcycling universe and an extensive selection of salvage, surplus and upcycling materials that provide you with everything you need for your own upcycling projects! 

Eager to showcase talented greener businesses and help them sell their wares in a simple and cost-effective way, we built our site to be both beautiful and user-friendly, reflecting the charm and quality of the goods on offer whilst making it easy for customers to browse and buy the very best products. Backed by a vibrant community of crafters and a wonderfully active social media following, Remade in Britain is ever-growing and always committed to providing the best possible service to all our buyers and sellers.

The company was launched in style in November 2014 when our team demonstrated the joys of upcycling by transforming a scrapyard skip into a stylish sitting room with a fabulous selection of our retailers’ products. Take a look at the press release for a flavour of our upcycled, vintage and eco-friendly style!

How to get involved

If you collect, design, make or sell vintage or upcycled products, why not Sign Up for a Remade Retailer Account? You’ll reach a wider audience instantly, appearing alongside some of the UK’s biggest names in upcycling. You can also take advantage of many additional benefits including publicity in our busy blog and TV channel, free advertising of upcycling events and opportunities to network with other Remade retailers via our dedicated retailer social media channels.

Customers and upcycling enthusiasts can also Sign Up for a Customer Login to be part of our Remade community. You’ll find acres of inspiration in our blog and TV channel, an extensive collection of tutorials and guides to get you started on your own upcycling projects and the opportunity to guest blog and list your own salvaged wares – a great way to pass on unwanted items which might be just what fellow upcyclers are seeking for their next upcycling project! Connect with us on our social media pages which we’re constantly updating with all the latest news, products and trends. The highlight in our weekly calendar is always our Twitter Hour #Remadehour, where retailers and upcyclers from across the country tune in to share ideas and inspiration. Check out our latest #Remadehour and find projects, hints and tips from some of our finest retailers and upcycling associates!

If you’d like to get involved or want more information about any aspect of our Remade community, contact our friendly team today at info@remadeinbritain.com or 0330 880 8282. We can’t wait to hear from you!